Still Email Marketing is one of the most effective Digital Marketing Techniques in Online Marketing. We think there are three things you can achieve by using email Marketing. These are

  • Re-engage subscribers/customers,
  • Increased brand awareness,
  • Customer retention

Remember. Email marketing is easy , Economical, Effective which drive Sales by generating sales.

Md Nizamul Islam , Digital Marketer

Our Email Marketing Process:

  1. Lead generation
  2. CRM integration for Business
  3. Collecting Email
  4. Content development for an individual campaign.
  5. Email design for the campaign
  6. Perfect Template creation according to the niche.
  7. Spam testing before sending
  8. CAN-SPAM compliance audit
  9. Sending campaigns
  10. Research and insights
  11. Tracking Record and Marketing Automation
  12. Retargeting (if essential)
  13. Measurement and Monitoring
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