Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn huge amount of money means foreign currency sitting at home. It becoming very popular all over Bangladesh. Even Bangladesh government are taking a lot of initiatives to make it concern to all. So, we as a company of Narayanganj, try to establish this freelancing as a profession and PC PLUS IT is the best Freelancing Training center in Narayanganj. But remember one thing, to be a freelancer, you need to get trained and then you can think of earning from online. As lots of students need money to continue his life, freelancing is very much essential and fruitful product for them.


1.Graphic Design
2. Professional Web Development 
3.Digital Marketing
4.CPA Marketing
5.Affiliate Marketing
9.Content Marketing
10. SEO
11. E-commerce
12. Marketplace Set Up

Why Freelancing in Narayanganj:

Are you looking for a job? Do you more than 50% people especially student are involved in doing tuition? So, why not freelancing for you? You must need to know it is a way to make money sitting at home using the internet. Don’t think about an official job or bound within the official rules & regulations. All freelancers are always self-employed and they have their own choice in the different online market places like,, etc. Don’t think, just register using your facebook as well.¬†

Freelancers are very much relaxed and not need to go regular must office like a full-time office. Freelancers can do whatever they want but need skill on a particular subject like graphic Designer or Digital Marketing. So, Choose a flexible lifestyle. 


We are the one and only freelancing training center in Narayanganj with 100% evidence and proof. PC PLUS IT is the only IT institute that is dealing with all kinds of freelancing topics like Graphic Design, Web Design -Development, Digital Marketing, CPA Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Drop Shipping, E-commerce, SEO, and T-Shirt Designing. So, whatever you need for online or internet marketing, you can choose according to your requirements.
The most important thing is that Our all trainers are very helpful and skilled and promised to make you freelancers.
Our Trainers are very talented and renowned all over Bangladesh because we have another branch in Dhaka named DMG Team. Our head freelancing trainer, Md Niamul Islam, was the Project Manager of LEDP (learning & Earning Development Project) and LICT, Bangladesh Government ICT Division.
PC PLUS IT always try to realize the best option for you according to your present situation and educational qualification to select the best freelancing or Outsourcing subject.

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