IT Support Services

Do you need IT support from an Expert?

No matter the size of your business, We are ready to support your company. PCPLUS is always ready to provide you any kind of IT support in Narayanganj. We analyse the requirement of IT supports that are frequently needed by the industries in Narayanganj, Typically Ready Made Garments Industries. We provide Office Networking to File printer sharing between network users.

Consider Our Services Typically While You Need..

Office Networking

We build and Troubleshoot any networking issues for your office computer according to your need both wired and wireless.

We also provide site to site connectivity through radio link.

File Printer Sharing

We configure your File & Printer so that it can be used from any of the networked workstation. A very common needs for any type of business.

Active Directory

Setup your Active Directory Domain Controller for permission based resource sharing and also to centralized your data in a Single server.

Mail Client Setup

We setup your Mail Client so that you can check your mail from your computer or mobile devices. We also backup/restore services of your mail.

CCTV/Surveillance System

We are providing Surveillance system as per your requirements. You can monitor your office on the go.

Data Backup and OS clean installation

We know data is Important that’s why we Backup all of your data and then clean install your Operating System if it is required then restore your data back.

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