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You might just completed your graduation from a college or university and are now looking for a handsome job. Generally speaking , this is a common expectation for all fresher. But, Do you think why employer will recruit you? as you do not have any additional skills that are required to boost your office productivity.
So, we suggest, get some training are suitable for your career while you are a fresher or want some developments in career path. but what type of training is suitable for you? this is important! it varies, depending on your academic background and the job sector your choosing to get into. Demanding job sectors in our country you might wish to be there are

  • Government Jobs
  • Banking Jobs
  • Jobs in Multi National Companies
  • Telecom
  • Renowned private sectors

and so on..

Let say, you have completed post graduation under Accounts department. Then we suggest, you may check ACCA or AFM which will be your extra credit that you can mention in your resume. It will surely help you attract the employer and outrank other job seeker.
What i discussed above, is depending on your Academic department but today I’ll mention today a common training for career. whatever your academic background is, it doesn’t matter.
For fresher, we recommend a Computer basic course COP (Compete office program). Yes, COP should be your first course to enroll.

Why it is essential? because after completing this course you will be able to

  • Make your business presentation
  • Keep track your accounts
  • Conduct any research using the power of internet
  • Conversation using popular communication platforms such as mailing, Skype etc.
  • Collaborate documents over internet and so on.

it will also help troubleshoot some common issues regarding your PC. Check the COP details to get more outcomes on this course.
If you have COP including Academy specific training which I mentioned earlier, I guarantee, you can beat your competition.

Next, we are going to discuss about some courses for those are working as an IT professional and want some improvement in their career.

Until then keep in touch.

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