Best IT Training in Narayanganj:

Do you know which one is the best training center? Or what do you mean by best training center? Narayanganj is one of the best potential places for business but unfortunately, most of the business center employees don’t have proper IT knowledge by which they can get more benefit and extend their business globally. To get a proper official or graphic design related or SEO related training, first of all, you need a skill and expertise teacher rather than good looking IT center. Most of the IT center in Narayanganj run by very poor salary trainer that means no way to get a skilled teacher. Moreover, they are very much busy with promotion by occupying wall and place.

Why PC PLUS is the best IT training in Narayanganj:

We have all kinds of modern facilities of IT Training center . Our all trainers are young, energetic and very skilled which is very much absent in others. We dont belief promotion only like some organizations which are mainly concern about their promotion rather than quality training.Our managing director Md Nizamul Islam is highly educated person and he has also oversea degree(UK Masters). He also an established IT resource person In  and an IT trainer of Learning & Earning development project . So , we are proud to work under such kind of learned person also invite you to join with us to build up your future. Thats why our slogan is Your career gateway. Moreover, our Marketing Director. Moshiur Rahman is also well known IT person all over Bangladesh. He is the first Social Media Trainer of FTFL batch of BASIS and also a resource person of He is also the first SMM trainer in Narayanganj.

Future, our lab is totally modernized including Projector and full air-conditioned. All computers are fully updated version and with LED monitors. It is great news for trainers that they will get all kinds of IT facilities including free Wi-Fi access.

HSC ICT Training center:

We are only lab based HSC ICT training center in Narayanganj and also has good reputation on ICT training for HSC students.We have already started our journey to help the HSC students on ICT course related any problem. It is really surprise to me that most of the HSC ICT students get help by means of money from some so-called ICT teachers who dont have any lab and even doesnt have proper computer knowledge.  Without lab means computer, how can you get proper ICT training, I dont know. By this a lots of ICT students are being misguided.

Best Computer Training in Narayanganj:

PCPLUS is the best computer training in Narayanganj because we are the one and only IT Institute who has all kinds of IT training including freelancing, graphic design, web development, Office program etc. We also provide all IT related services. We have our branch in Dhaka names DMG TEAM for IT Solution.

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