Why 4 core plus people are jobless?:

Do you think why more than 4 core people are jobless in Bangladesh? This is only the reason that they all have only bookish knowledge which doesn’t perfectly match with the requirement of modern jobs. So, there is no way to escape from being skilled and it is time to be digitalised.

Computer knowledge required for all jobs:

Think about any government or private job where you can’t do any job without computer knowledge and moreover, most of the Banks of Bangladesh is being online based. Even if you want to know anything , you can rely on the internet or the online world. Most of the accounting jobs are being changed and people now depends on software where you can save your time and get accuracy.

Conventional Marketing VS Digital Marketing:

Nowadays people don’t rely on conventional marketing because the return on investment of Digital marketing is much higher than conventional marketing like the poster, banner, billboard etc. So, for less cost, less effort, less time , you must have skill like computer or others technical knowledge.

Company becomes dependent on computers.

Without computer knowledge, you will face a lot of problem for getting any kinds of company job. Most of the companies want their employees must have productivity based computer skills because their company becomes ever more dependent on computers.

Major advantage of using computers

  • To get higher level of Job
  • To increase your knowledge by researching Google
  • Live training opportunity
  • To save time
  • To increase productivity of any company
  • To work easier
  • For online Marketing
  • For Social Network
  • For higher study
  • For News and Media
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